Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It’s Australia All Round!

From the desk of Leah Calnan, Director of Metro Property Management...
Well as most of you will be aware (we hope) it’s Australia Day tomorrow and we hope that you all have something fantastic planned with your friends and family. On Australia Day every year we come together as a country and celebrate our diverse society, landscape, our remarkable achievements and look ahead to the future as to how we can improve this great country of ours in the future.

Many events are happening around the nation tomorrow (on http://www.australiaday.vic.gov.au/ you will find the Victorian events) and you will find in true Australian spirit many of them raising funds for the Queensland Flood Victims in many inventive ways! The http://www.australiaday.org/ website tells us that there will be a national campaign for ‘floodraising’ via the ‘Australia Celebrates’ television program broadcast nationally on ABC 1 at 8.30pm on the 25th of January, dig deep for your fellow Aussies now won’t you. (Remember you can also donate directly at the Premier's Flood Appeal via www.qld.gov.au/floods/)

In other news about Melbourne, the television, news and general vibe of Melbourne has been all about the ‘Australian Open’. As I heard one commentator state this morning that it’s not very ‘Australian’ at the moment, seeing as there are no longer any Australians left in the competition. However, there is still some exciting tennis to see yet, as tomorrow sees Kim Clijsters take on Agnieska Radwanska for a place in the semifinals. In fact in an article dated 25th January 2011 on the Australian Open official website by Alix Ramsay (http://ow.ly/3JAWD) states that…

She may be many people's favourite to win the title and, in the absence of any Australian players, she may be the darling of the Australian crowd - everyone loves “Aussie Kim” - but as Kim Clijsters was keen to point out after reaching her sixth quarterfinal at the Open, she is not Superwoman.

"I'm not Superwoman," she said, smiling from ear to ear. "Look, I probably have the fullest box of anyone. I have a nanny
(Clijsters takes her 2yr old Jada with her wherever she travels) , a great team around me. We are all a great bunch of friends and we take it as a great adventure, ever since I came back. I hope I can make it continue for a while longer."
Well we think she is a Superwoman anyhow, good luck Kim.

And whatever you all get up to tomorrow we at Metro hope you enjoy your Australia Day.

Until next time…

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year & "No Tan Jan"

From the desk of Leah Calnan, Director of Metro Property Management...

Well it’s the New Year 2011 and we are off and racing like most of you out there and feeling a little more refreshed. The office is a buzz with plenty of properties to lease, twilight & weekend open homes are in full swing and the listing of numerous new properties from existing as well as brand new clients. We are also gradually updating the interior of our offices with new painting, tiling, carpet & a kitchen upgrade which all make an exciting start to the year.

As you would know by now when we see a fantastic cause we like to get right behind it and this month we are supporting “No Tan Jan”. For the month of January we are encouraged by the Warwick Foundation to give up tanning (in the sun & with the use of solariums) for good and change the way Australians view tanning in general. The foundation is Australia's first and only organisation focused on supporting 18 - 40 year olds with cancer. They are encouraging us this month to “Fake It! Don’t Bake It!”

Their website (http://ow.ly/3BwqT) states that ...sadly, melanoma is the most common cancer for this age group and we want that to change! ‘No Tan Jan’ is all about ditching the solarium, breaking up with sun baking and embracing fake tan for the month of January. At the same time you will raise much needed funds for all young adults with cancer.

Being part of “No Tan Jan” is so easy! You just need to register, set up your personal fundraising page and give up solariums and sun baking for the month of January. If you must have a tan, then make sure it is fake.

The Warwick Foundation asks you to have your family, friends and co-workers to sponsor you for encouragement! This will not only help you kick the habit for good and decrease your chances of developing skin cancer, but you will also be supporting all young adults with the disease.

There are many companies willing to donate proceeds from spray tanning and related products to the foundation so check out the companies involved and purchase your products from them http://ow.ly/3BxlT .

If you’d simply like to donate to this foundation to support this specialised group of 18-40 yr olds living with cancer then please go to this page http://ow.ly/3BwwO and simply make your donation.

And remember it is important to get your fake tan right! As the Warwick Foundation state on their site you don’t want to end up looking like bad fake tan victims Donald Trump or Paris Hilton, worse still with a real tan like Donatella Versace!!!

Until next time...