Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Metro's Monthly Movie Review

Each month a team member of Metro writes a movie review to share with you. And this month our Director Leah Calnan has reviewed 'Wreck it Ralph'

Movies and school holidays go hand in hand, so this week I enjoyed 'Wreck It Ralph' with my three children.

Firstly when you get there you need to get over the initial shock of the movie ticket prices, which is then followed by the "How much is the popcorn moment"??? So once we got past this, we were ready to sit down and enjoy another Disney movie.

A Disney movie is always a wonderful experience, and having spent time in Disneyland a little while ago, I always find it exciting when I have the opportunity to sit back and see how incredibly talented the people behind Disney really are.

What I didn't realise was, 'Wreck It Ralph' was in fact an actual game played in arcades just as the movie shows. Thanks to Gen Y for updating me on that one!! Anyway, Ralph decides he no longer wants to be a 'baddie'.  He wants to be a 'goodie' because no one invites him to parties,  he lives at 'The Tip' and he doesn't really have any friends. So he goes off to join another game in the arcade where he can show the people from his game that he can be a 'goodie'. However that adventure goes somewhat 'pear shaped' because whilst becoming a 'goodie', he ends up taking 'baddies' into a third game within the arcade.

But, don't despair - like all good movies there is a happy ending but with a few more twists, turns and lots of lollies and sweet things along the way (you will understand when you see it). I must say Jane Lynch makes the movie. You simply cannot take 'Sue Sylvester' (from the TV Show Glee) out of her voice!!!

So on behalf my children, they have provided the following opinion ratings on the movie, Cooper rates the movie 19/20,  Jack rates the movie 13/20 and Liam says its 12/25.

Take the kids and see what you think for yourself...