Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Metro's Monthly Movie Review

Each month a team member of Metro writes a movie review to share with you. And this month team member Kylie Jacobs has reviewed 'The Sapphires' Directed by: Wayne Blair, Starring: Deborah Mailman, Chris O'Dowd & Jessica Mauboy.

I typically love the big blockbuster movies, packed with stars and most likely costing more to make than what they earn. However as I get a bit older I'm realising that they are all pretty much the same. In saying that, with 2 young children I don't get to the movies too often so I am somewhat sceptical when going to see some of the smaller budget movies for fear of wasting my time. 'The Sapphires' was definitely not a waste of time! I absolutely loved this movie. It made me laugh, cry and left me wanting more!

From a Murray River Aboriginal mission to Vietnam, 'The Sapphires' tells the true tale of four Koori songbirds who in 1968 are flown to the war-zones of South Vietnam to perform for the American troops. While the film explores the obstacles Indigenous women experienced during 1968 Australia, the leading women were never painted as victims, but rather empowered, bold heroines. The film is not afraid to tackle the serious issues and while there are some moments that pack a severe emotional punch the overall tone remains positive and upbeat.

The soul classics throughout are fantastic! The music is structured around the story line rather than the other way around making it a movie about music rather than a musical itself.

Performances across the board are spectacular but it is Chris O'Dowd (from the popular blockbuster 'Bridesmaids') who ties it all together with a his infectious humour.

Definitely a must see!!